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August 18, 2009, 6:29 PM
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Now that the Vikings have Brett Favre at quarterback, they become legitimate contenders in the NFC.

Now that the Vikings have Brett Favre at quarterback, they become legitimate contenders in the NFC.

By Jerry Coon

After months of hearing about this story until your ears bled, we have finally reached an official decision: Brett Favre is a a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

The contract of roughly $10 million to $12 million dollars is minor details. I don’t even think the main reason, for Favre, was because he was dying to play football.

As big of a competitor as Favre is, did you really think he would let the bad taste in his mouth from last year be his revenge on Green Bay? Favre in a Jets jersey finished 9-7, and failed to make the playoffs.

Just listen to him speak about the Packers. Forget that he played in Green Bay for 16 seasons. For Favre, that was thrown out the window the minute they told him they were headed in a different direction. Favre was in disbelief. How could a franchise that he has put his blood, sweat and tears into quit believing in him?

Now Favre has a team that has invested everything into him. Head Coach Brad Childress had so little faith in his quarterback corps, that he picked up Favre and drove him to the Vikings’ practice facility himself.

And if you take a look at this team, you will see the most complete team in the NFL…

  • The Vikings already have the best running back in the NFL in Adrian Peterson. Defenses will have to load the box to stop him, leaving Favre free for playaction plays to launch it down the field. Speaking of…
  • Favre’s receivers include Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice and rookie Percy Harvin. A group that becomes even more deadly with No. 4 behind center.
  • The Vikings’ defense is one of the best in the league. They can keep the other team from putting points on the board, while Favre keeps racking them up.
  • Last but not least, let’s not forget that the offense run by the Vikings is the same offense Brett Favre engineered as a Packer for 16 seasons.

So now…congratulations Green Bay. You get to play Brett Favre twice a year. You get to watch the Vikings reign over the NFC North. You get to see the quarterback you gave up on lead his team to the Super Bowl. Get ready for November 1, because Favre is coming to town, and he is bringing a new army with him.


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I really want to find a way to argue this… but I cant. The vikings D is for real. Their run D is some of the best in the league, and if you can control the LOS in the NFC, you are going to win.The most shaky thing they have on the team is their receivers, and even they will see nothing but one on one coverage on 1st and 2nd downs for sure. Berrian and Harvin are speed burners. Ive been waiting for Rice to get his game straight. Big WR at 6”4′ in one on one coverage, you gotta love that. However, this is my question. How much better is a 40 year old Favre than Gus Frerotte? They had good enough WR’s last year to get the job done and they saw the same one on one coverage that they will this year. I think that they are the obvious choice to over take the NFC… and thats exactly why they wont. When was the last time the preseason favorite from the NFC win a SuperBowl?

Comment by Bryan Simpson

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