The “Luv Ya” Blues
August 7, 2009, 8:57 AM
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By Jerry Coon

I can respect that the NFL wants to go back to its roots and wear jerseys from the AFL in their 50th anniversary celebration. However, I am definitely having trouble with a certain team joining in on this aforementioned celebration.

The announcement that the Tennessee Titans will sport the 1960 Houston Oilers uniforms this upcoming season made my head spin. I have accepted the fact that the Oilers aren’t Houston’s team anymore. I have come to terms that the Texans are the team to support now. What I can’t wrap my mind around is how this city has lost all of its history to Bud Adams.

When we think of Warren Moon, we think of Houston, not Nashville.

When we think of Warren Moon, we think of Houston, not Nashville.

 This was, for me, my childhood. This was, for many, their everything. Houstonians blood ran light blue. And yet, we have to forfeit our entire history to a city that doesn’t know anything before 1997. 

I can’t say that the Texans should wear the throwbacks…or maybe I am. Doesn’t it make more sense that Houston gets to keep the history of a team that called the Astrodome home for 36 years? The jerseys of legends like Moon, Campbell, Matthews and Munchak shouldn’t be seen when you are sitting at LP Field in Nashville. They should be waiving around in Reliant Stadium.

For those that remember the days of Jack Pardee and Haywood Jeffires, how excited would you get if the Texans had a “Luv Ya Blue” day? Can you imagine Andre Johnson taking the field spawning the same number you watched Curtis Duncan wear 15 years ago?

I know it doesn’t really make more sense to give the Texans (seven years exsistence) the history of the oil derricks. But it doesn’t seem fair for people that drive by the Astrodome everyday to have to watch a team from Nashville embrace their past.

To make it even more confusing, let’s look at the Titans’ schedule for Week 3. If the Jets choose to wear their AFL throwbacks, being the old New York Titans’ jerseys, the earth might implode. Not to mention the Kansas City Chiefs are going to wear the old Dallas Texans jerseys. I can see it now: Arrowhead Stadium filled with fans watching their team sport a helmet with the state of Texas on the side.

You can call me and every Houstonian behind me bitter if you want. You can say we need to let go of the past. But when the past brought us so many good memories, minus the very day we all died a little inside (*cough* 1993 in Buffalo *cough*), we deserve to keep them.

And when Titans’ quarterback Vince Young (Houston native) isn’t acting like an idiot with his ridiculous promises to the media, I know he will agree.

In the meantime, I will go dig up my Ernest Givins jersey. I will go unpack my Ray Childress Starting Lineup figure. And I will chant this until I die:


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The Oilers will always be in Houston. Every fan going to the Texans v’s Titans game in Houston this year should all wear red/blue and white to show support.

To me, Oilers were life. Warren Moon has his jersey hanging in Tenn. That is wrong and should not happen. I dare the Titans to wear the Oilers uniforms vs the Texans in Houston. I would go nuts!

Comment by Ryan

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